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North Carolina Middle School Showcase

Friday December 16th & Saturday, December 17th, 2022

2-Game Guarantee

Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill 

4011 Pickett Rd. Durham, NC 27705

Cresset Christian Academy 

3707 Garrett Rd. Durham, NC 27707

The mission of the North Carolina Middle School Showcase is to provide a platform for North Carolina middle school basketball teams to compete against other regionally based middle schools.  Our Showcase format provides an environment, which promotes fair play, health & wellness, and social development through competition.


Admissions: $15 (all day pass)


Showcase Format

  •   Each team will be given 2 individual showcase games versus an opponent 

  •  Teams will be matched up based on a number of contributing factors to ensure the most exciting, fair, and competitive games possible.  

  •  Standard NC middle school game play rules   (Rules Format will be emailed to all teams prior to showcase)                                          

  •   All Showcase team selections

  •  Boys and Girls divisions   

                                                         Benefits of NCMSS

  •  Players will receive complimentary welcome kits from Durham Sports Commission

  •  Each team will have one player selected to the NCMSS All Showcase Team   

  •  Media coverage and exposure for the school's athletic program

  •  On-site licensed trainer from Raleigh Orthopedics 

  •  Gatorade is the official drink provider for showcase

  •  Showcase tee shirt


Friday, December 16th


Trinity School Gold Gym

4:30pm Durham Academy vs WOGCA

5:30p Our Lady of Lourdes vs Trinity D&Ch  (Girls)

6:30p Our Lady of Lourdes vs Trinity D&Ch

Trinity School Blue Gym

4:30p Wake Christian vs Thales White

5:30p Durham Academy vs Butner Stem (Girls)

6:30p Thales Blue vs St. Raphael’s


Saturday, December 17th              


Trinity School Gold Gym

9am  Wake Christian vs OLL (Girls)

10am  Wake Christian vs Kestrel

11 am  St. David’s vs Wayne Christian (Girls)

12pm Three Point Competition

1pm  Trinity D&Ch vs Trinity Fay

2pm  Thales White vs Wayne Christian

3pm  Rolesville vs Butner Stem

4pm Trinity D& Ch vs Wayne Christian (Girls)

Trinity School Blue Gym

9am  Durham Acad. vs Rolesville (Girls)

10am  Trinity Fay vs Rolesville Charter

11am  Trinity Fay vs Butner Stem (Girls)

12pm Three Point Competition

1pm  St. David’s vs Voyager

2pm  Rolesville Char. vs Trinity Fay (Girls)

3pm  Thales Blue vs Kestrel

4pm  Wilson Prep vs Trinity Fay

Cresset Christian Main

9am  Wilson Prep vs St. Raphael’s (Girls)

10am  Durham Academy vs OLL

11am  Wake Christian vs Wilson Prep (Girls)

12pm  Three Point Competition

1pm  Wilson Prep vs Bunter Stem

2pm  St. Raphael’s vs St. David’s (Girls)

3pm  St. Raphael’s vs Voyager

4pm  Wayne Christian vs St. David’s


  • Girls’ games are highlighted in pink

  • First team listed and bolded is the home team and must provide official bookkeeper for the scorer’s table.

  • Home team should wear white/light colored jerseys.  Away team should wear dark colored jerseys.

  • HOME team listed first and will wear white or light-colored jerseys. AWAY team listed second will wear dark colored jerseys

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